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James B ★★★★★

"I cold-called Gilbert's based upon an internet search - wanted a company that had been in the market for awhile but was not a well-known brand name. I don't like a hard sell and found Gilbert's to be exactly what I was looking for. Every interaction was straightforward and I got exactly what I asked for, was given multiple choices, and the installation was excellent, including correcting errors in a previously installed (not by Gilbert) second unit. I've called the company 3-4 times since the installation and have gotten excellent support. Honest and professional."

Jeff Spencer ★★★★★

"I chose Gilbert's Mechanical to replace my HVAC system. Ozzy and his crew arrived on time and stayed on the job until completion without much more than a 45-minute break, a total of almost 12 hours. The crew made sure to double-check all settings and Ozzy kept me informed of progress throughout the day. Their installation was clean and professional, and all members of the crew were obviously knowledgeable about their jobs. When they left, the house and yard was spotless. I'm a real estate inspector, so I'm pretty critical of mechanical installations.....this is one of the most professional jobs I've seen in a long time."

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Mike Herman ★★★★★

"We spent considerable time this past week getting quotes and interviewing Air Conditioning and Heating contractors in and around League City since we had a 5- ton and 2-ton A/C and 2 furnaces that needed to be replaced. One of the contractors we contacted was Gilbert's Air Conditioning in Houston.
Our contact at Gilberts was Stephen Moore. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful in laying out the various brands with different options to work within our budget. Stephen prepared several different quotes with different brands and was very pro-active in following up to see if we had any questions. He was the consummate professional throughout the project. He performed a load test on our house to make certain that we were getting the proper size units for both the air conditioning and furnaces. When we accepted his quote, he scheduled his crew to come out the next day for the installation.
Lee came out early the morning of the installation and toured the house to make certain that the crew was going to bring everything that would be needed to complete the installation. An hour later, Ozzie (the crew chief) showed up with 4 other men to begin work. He assigned Javi and Andrew to remove and install the 5 ton unit and Robert and Anthony were assigned to remove and install the 2 ton unit. Within 90 minutes, all of the old equipment was removed from the attic and the outside and they were ready for the new equipment to arrive. They hauled off all of the trash and equipment expeditiously.
The installation went flawlessly and quickly. Everyone knew exactly what to do and how to do it. There was no standing around or long breaks. While Stephen had said it might take two days for the installation, Ozzie and the crew wrapped things up by 7:30 pm on day 1 and had all of the systems operational and tested out. I liken their performance to a highly trained NASCAR pit crew – each man doing his job flawlessly. The men were very polite and fun to be around.
I would HIGHLY recommend using Gilberts Air for any installation you might have. You will not be disappointed. Congratulations on a JOB WELL DONE."
Mike and Janey Herman"

Crysti Bellamy★★★★★

"We decided to install all new HVAC/furnace systems this winter to avoid the summer peak season scheduling and pricing. I work as a real estate broker and interact with HVAC companies on a regular basis as every home I sell and/or buy there are HVAC inspections and repairs to be considered. So, I reached out to all my regular "go-to" companies that I do a lot of business with and then found an add for Gilbert's online offering a winter rebate, so threw them into the mix of companies to consider, given their positive internet reviews and length of service in the industry. Within two hours of my first phone call to Gilbert's, I had one of their representatives literally at my home to take a look at my current system & attic spacing. They were very patient and answered all my questions and taught me a lot about the operations of the systems. While I did get responses from all other companies, it took most of the other companies 2 days to provide quotes and none of them came out to preview my home. Gilbert's was very competitive in pricing and had access to quote/install any manufacturer that I inquired about. Gilbert's Air Conditioning Service not only won my personal business for installing all my new HVAC systems, but they will now be my number one "go-to" company for all my real estate transactions. Hands-down, they differentiated themselves by their quick response time and excellent customer service. Their customer service is amazing! Everyone's time is valuable and they recognize that. Four days later, they had completely removed the older systems and had completed the install of two brand new 5-ton Trane HVAC/furnace systems. I can't emphasize enough as to how professional they were! There was no damage to any of my home and they did an amazing job of clean-up at the end of their shift. My contacts were Lee and Lee. I would never hesitate to use either of them again! So far, it's all been working like a charm! As the summer months heat up, I'll be able to update my review but as of now, I'm very pleased with the price, install job, and performance of the new systems!"


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... got exactly what I asked for ... multiple choices and
the installation was excellent ... Honest and professional.

– James B
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